How Long Will My DUI Stay on My Driving Record in CA?

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A DUI is a serious matter. In addition to jail time, fines, community service and a license suspension, your employment and educational opportunities may also be affected. If convicted of a DUI, you will have a permanent record. Fortunately, with experienced legal help, you can dramatically increase your chances of having your sentence reduced, or having the charges dismissed altogether.

A DUI conviction stays on your driving record for 10 years and will remain on your criminal record permanently. The 10-year timer starts as soon as you are arrested. The DMV uses your driving record when making decisions about your license, and whether a suspended license should be reinstated. Your driving record is not accessible by employers and is only used by the DMV and law enforcement. Your criminal record on the other hand, is accessible by future employers.

Ways to avoid a DUI arrest in CA

The safest way to avoid a DUI arrest is to always make sure you have a designated driver when drinking away from home. Instead of trying to figure out how to reduce or eliminate a DUI arrest, why not avoid the process in the first place? Here are a few other ways to prevent a drunk driving arrest in California:

  • Take an Uber — Uber and other ride-sharing services are everywhere. Instead of getting behind the wheel drunk and risking danger to yourself and others, fire up your smartphone and request a lift.
  • Walk — If you are heading to a local bar or friend’s place, you may be better off walking. Not only is it better than drinking and driving, the exercise and fresh air may just help with your hangover the next morning.
  • Hire a cab — In the age of Uber, taxi cabs are dated and expensive. However, they are still better than getting a DUI.

When a DUI arrest disrupts your plans for the future, you need skilled legal guidance. An experienced Monterey DUI defense lawyer can review your case, advocate for your rights, and help you protect your reputation and driving privileges.

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