Laura Diane

Laura Diane, Office Liaison

Laura DianeWhen you contact our law offices, you will likely be greeted by a warm and friendly female voice. Our office liaison, Laura Diane will swiftly assess your needs and, if appropriate after her intake assessment, put you in contact with Riccardo Giuliano. Her client communication skills, high levels of insight and compassionate demeanor will set you at ease and assure you that your matter will be handled with the utmost excellence and efficiency. She will help set your expectations, guide you through the difficult and sometime emotional process and make sure that all your calls are returned promptly, usually within two hours, but no later than one business day. She will ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with Riccardo Giuliano’s customer service philosophy. She will seek meeting hours that fit with your schedule. Additionally, she will resolve all billing concerns and work tirelessly to make your customer service experience the best in the business.

Should your inquiry concern real estate, Laura is licensed as a mortgage banker, NMLS #281745. Laura has successfully navigated the mortgage lending world for over 25 years. She remains one of the few mortgage professionals who successfully weathered the real estate crisis of 2008, with its increased regulation, training and accountability. Her real estate and lending expertise is indispensable to this office.

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