Our Ethics

Client-Committed Legal Representation and Advocacy

Riccardo Giuliano

Having a background in law as well as theology, Riccardo Giuliano brings these principles to his law practice, to ensure that every client receives representation that is of the highest ethical standards.

At Giuliano Law, we are committed to these ethical principles that drive our law practice.

  1. The client comes first – It is our goal to help you achieve your best possible outcome. We will help you determine the best way forward in your case that provides you with the best outcome while saving you the most time, money, and stress.
  2. Prompt responsiveness – You should not have to wait forever to hear from your lawyer about the status and understanding of your case.
  3. Comprehensive case work – We analyze all paths forward in your case, not necessarily limited to the discipline of law, to provide you with recommendations on the most effective options, from a results, time, and cost perspective.
  4. Compassionate representation – We understand that legal issues can be some of the most stressful events of one’s life. That is why compassion is key from your legal team.
  5. You are a whole person – Your legal problem may be intertwined with relational, ethical, political, psychological and spiritual issues. At Giuliano Law, you can expect to receive comprehensive and wise counsel that will guide you holistically to a long term and satisfying solution that often goes beyond what the law can offer you.

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