What our clients say

We were caught when the real estate bubble burst. Unable to sell our residence, we had resigned ourselves to delaying retirement indefinitely. Our health was poor and the prospects were few. Dr. Giuliano protected our assets, secured us a new residence that we love and revamped our financial practices, allowing us to retire.

– Mr. & Mrs. Demetrios S.

In the heat of an argument, my wife falsely accused me of domestic violence. I was arrested and facing deportation. My wife was scared at what she had set in motion. Dr. Giuliano stood for the truth, navigating the waters of our marriage and the criminal law; my wife retracted her story. At the jury trial, I was acquitted in forty-five minutes and was reunited with my wife and little baby.

– Angel G.

After twenty seven years of marriage, alcoholism had taken its toll on my husband. Dr. Giuliano crafted a creative settlement that allowed us to protect our assets, support our lifestyle and allow my husband to pursue recovery. We are now working again on our marriage

– Mary C.

I was overwhelmed by medical bills and debt due to a job loss. Dr. Giuliano handled our matter with speed, discretion and humor that set us at ease. He removed all obstacles to the process, efficiently handled all paperwork and took us through to the other side. We were astounded at his care and efficiency and are grateful for the new start.

– Mr. & Mrs. Charles M.

Through a vicious letter campaign, I was libeled. Dr. Giuliano pursued my case to the California Supreme Court. At each step from trial through appeal, Dr. Giuliano knew his way. In my moments of doubt, he reassured me. When I tired, he encouraged me. When I was unsure, his thorough knowledge of the process led me on until we stood vindicated on the other side.

– James I.

In two days our living trust was complete!

– Berndt Z.

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