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At Giuliano Law, we believe that divorce should be as smooth and amicable as possible. The collaborative divorce approach enables couples to retain greater control over their divorce settlements, limits the negative emotional impact of a marital split, and avoids costly court proceedings. But how does collaborative divorce work?

The collaborative divorce approach

As the name implies, collaborative divorce is a negotiation effort between both spouses along with specially trained attorneys. This structured process involves scheduling a series of meetings to discuss each issue and then identifying a creative solution that satisfies both parties. If necessary, other experts such as accountants or child custody specialists may also be part of this process.

One benefit of collaborative divorce is that it allows the spouses to avoid court, saving time, money, and stress.

Collaborative divorce requires a strong commitment by both parties to resolve all settlement issues without resorting to court.

If the spouses cannot agree to even a single settlement issue, the law requires each collaborative divorce attorney to end the process and resign.

The couple must then start over using more traditional – and more contentious – methods to achieve their divorce agreement.

Monterey and Hollister Collaborative Divorce Attorney Giuliano Law

Deciding if collaborative divorce is right for you

Collaborative divorce is the right option for couples who believe they can successfully work together throughout the structured process to create the best future for both spouses and their children. It offers some clear advantages:

  • Control: Rather than a judge making critical decisions about your family and future, collaborative divorce enables couples to choose their own path forward. After all, who knows better about what’s best for you and your family than the two of you?
  • Cost savings: A collaborative divorce minimizes legal expenses through negotiation rather than litigation.
  • Speed: Instead of spending time in court, you can work together to rapidly resolve your issues and arrive at a fair agreement.

However, collaborative divorce is not the appropriate choice for contentious, high-conflict situations such as those involving domestic abuse, dishonesty about finances, or other issues.

At Giuliano Law we take the time to fully assess each situation to help ensure clients pursue the divorce option that makes the most sense for them. We have the experience and training needed to help determine if collaborative divorce is the right answer for you. And we have the skill, knowledge, and tenacity to successfully pursue your best interests in court if necessary.

Retain greater control over your divorce with the help of a collaborative divorce attorney in Monterey and Hollister

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