What is DUI Probation?

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Probation is post-conviction supervision by the criminal justice system and is used in nearly every type of criminal case in California. Since driving under the influence is a criminal offense, if convicted, after a first-time DUI, you will face a period of probation. Generally, most individuals convicted of DUI face probation in lieu of jail. However, every case is different.

For DUI conviction in California, the probation you face is “informal” which means you will not be reporting to a probation officer. Some of the basic terms of your probation are:

  • Three to five years of supervision by the criminal justice system
  • Refraining from any criminal activity during your probation period (this does not include traffic tickets which are citations and not criminal offenses)
  • Automatic agreement to a breath or blood test if you are ever stopped for a DUI again
  • Never operating a motor vehicle with any measurable BAC level

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your rights if you are arrested for a DUI is to hire an attorney.  Your lawyer can help you build a strong defense and explain the legal process along the way. If you are already convicted of a DUI, an experienced Monetery DUI attorney can protect your best interests and ensure your rights are not violated by the probation department overseeing your case.

What do I have to do for DUI probation?

To deter motorists from driving drunk, California makes DUI probation exhausting. If convicted of a DUI, you must:

  • Pay fines and fees — Ensure all fines and court fees stemming from your DUI arrest are paid or arrange a financing plan to pay them off.
  • Complete a traffic program — Your next step is to enroll in and complete DUI traffic school.
  • Complete jail time — Finish your jail sentence if you have one. In many cases, jail time is waived in place of probation.

Other terms of your probation may include:

  • Complete an addiction treatment program — You must complete a certain number of hours in an addiction treatment program like Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Install IID in your car — An ignition interlock device must be installed in your vehicle. An IID will not start your vehicle unless you blow your breath into it and blow a negative alcohol reading.
  • Community service — Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be ordered to complete a set amount of community service hours.
  • Attendance at a deterrent program — Another common requirement for DUI probation is that you attend a “deterrent program.”

Whether recently arrested or convicted of a DUI, you need trusted counsel. The right legal team can provide you with a tenacious and well-thought-out defense designed to lessen the penalties you face.

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