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Giuliano Law provides comprehensive assistance to those with high asset family law issues in central California. We cover all bases for our clients in Hollister–from protecting your rights to safeguarding your children’s best interests. Our objective is always to achieve a fair division of assets and debts for divorcing couples, make custody arrangements that work for everyone involved, and help our clients move forward with their lives.

With nearly three decades of expertise, we’ve learned that most couples want to resolve their conflicts as peacefully as feasible, particularly regarding children. An uncontested divorce may be the ideal solution for all involved in such cases. Appropriate legal advice can quickly address matters during a marital negotiation between spouses. No courtroom, judge, or costly courtroom procedures are needed.

In some cases, parties simply cannot agree. When this happens, we go to court on your behalf and fight vigorously for your rights and interests.

Hollister Family Law Cases We Handle

We help you feel secure about your future after your marriage, or domestic partnership ends. We seek the finest possible results in all areas of family law, particularly high-value or asset cases.

The first step is always the most difficult, but don’t worry. We’re here to help. At this stage, we simply want to hear your concerns and better understand your situation. Once we have all the information, then we can start discussing the key issues you face and what possible solutions there are.

  • Divorce Cases: Avoid an emotionally and financially draining litigated divorce by negotiating a settlement instead. This allows couples to make decisions together rather than letting the court decide for them. We are strong advocates of the uncontested divorce approach. Still, in cases where litigation cannot be avoided, we will vigorously represent you – giving you a voice and pursuing your best interests.
  • Child custody and Child support: The legislature of California has set child support guidelines that establish how much a noncustodial parent must pay the custodial parent to help with their children’s expenses. If you’re going through a custody battle or creating a child support agreement, our Hollister family law attorney explains how these statutes might apply to your specific case and what you can do to make sure both you and your kids are being treated fairly.
  • Property division: We want to help you get a fair share of your marital assets, and we will work hard to protect you from having to pay more than your fair share of the debts.
  • Spousal support: Spousal support, or alimony, is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Giuliano Law provides legal advice and advocacy for those seeking assistance and those being asked to pay alimony.

Whether your divorce is disputed, we help you find the best resolution and provide guidance to ensure a secure future.

Guidance from a skilled Hollister family law attorney

To find out how we can help you reach a less stressful resolution to your family law matters while still advocating for your rights and interests, contact Giuliano Law online or call us at (831) 257-8655.

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