How Does Mediation Work in Monterey, CA?

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Mediation is one of the most effective means of negotiating a divorce settlement.

Unlike a traditional divorce that is public, time-consuming, costly, and traumatic, mediation is private, relatively quick, affordable, and focused on reducing emotional turmoil.

The process involves a third, neutral party, or mediator, who keeps you and your spouse on topic.

You work through divorce issues one at a time and try to find common ground.

Many people favor the mediation process because it gives them control over their future.

If you are thinking about divorce, consult with an experienced Monterey mediation lawyer.

They can explain mediation in greater detail and determine if it is the right choice for you.

Who is mediation for?

The first thing you need to know about mediation is that it is not for everyone.

Couples with a history of domestic violence, who are vindictive towards each other, and are unable to communicate or cooperate will likely not benefit from divorce mediation.

However, couples that display the following will likely find that the mediation process is the most effective way to separate:

  1. The decision for divorce is mutual — You and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to divorce, and you have no desire to fix or save the marriage. You agree the marriage is over. You just need help finalizing the details and separating your lives.
  2. Being on good terms with a spouse is a priority — To benefit the most from mediation, you and your spouse must be able to cooperate. If you get along with your spouse, the process will go more smoothly.
  3. No ill will towards your spouse — Harboring negative feelings towards your spouse will interfere with the mediation process.
  4. Your spouse is a good parent — Mediation is the best way to divorce when children are involved. The process works best for spouses who respect each other as parents.
  5. You are not intimidated by your spouse — If you are intimidated or afraid of your spouse, mediation may not be for you. The process works best when spouses treat each other as equals
  6. Your relationship never involved physical violence or manipulation — If there was domestic violence or manipulation in your marriage, the mediation process will likely be a waste of time and a traditional divorce should be considered instead.

Ultimately, couples who want to end their marriage on amicable terms are ideal candidates for mediation.

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